Long Boards

BoardMost of you have heard of skate boards but have you heard of long boards. Long boards are similar to skate boards but Shock Shock they are longer. They are built to be able to turn sharply and move smoothly at high speeds. The world record speed is 140 MPH yes that’s right, they are trying to design a long board that can travel 140 MPH.

To reach speeds like that you do need a lot a safety gear like a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. The only way to stop when at speeds like that you need to learn how to power stop this is where you make a 90 degree turn then and lean back at the same time, repeat this a few times then hop off. So if you don’t like doing tricks with a skate board but you just like riding skate boards then you should try buying a long board.

Sam Shennan via Compfight

3 thoughts on “Long Boards

  1. Hello I am Yuki. I really like your blog about long board. I never notice that they have speed of 140 mph, it is faster than cars on highway! Is a person on the board when it made the world record? If so how can someone ride that, it’s crazy and huge challenging!

    1. Yes, someone was on the long board that got the world record. They had A LOT of gear on to protect them, but if the were to crash I don´t think that gear would have saved them.

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